Read the book

Seen the film? Now read the Book! We’ve provided the parts which are covered in the film, namely chapters 1-12; 14; 18-20. Exodus was written in Hebrew – we’re using a modern English translation called the English Standard Version. You can read other translations at

Don’t worry if you find it hard going at times – remember it’s 3000 years old, so there are parts which seem strange to a modern ear.

Happy reading!

Chapter 1: Pharaoh oppresses Israel

Chapter 2: The birth and exile of Moses

Chapter 3: God appears in the burning bush

Chapter 4: Moses returns to his people

Chapter 5: The first audience with Pharaoh

Chapter 6: God promises deliverance

Chapter 7: The plagues begin

Chapter 8: Frogs, gnats and flies

Chapter 9: Disease, boils and hail

Chapter 10: Locusts and darkness

Chapter 11: The last plague approaches

Chapter 12: Israel leaves Egypt

Chapter 14: Crossing the Red Sea

Chapter 18: Moses is reunited with his family

Chapter 19: Israel reaches Mount Sinai

Chapter 20: God gives the Ten Commandments

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